I am seriously amazed at this quilting thing! It doesn’t even look too bad!

I'm not a big failure!

If I look closely at it, there’s many spots that I’m not in love with. The speed of it all is taking a lot of getting used to, but overall, I think my stitches are mostly even and tensioned well. I brought it along to work on tonight during Sit and Stitch at my local Modern Quilt Guild and got wonderful comments from everyone. I was geeked about that!


Thank you all for your excellent links and ideas today about machine quilting! I’m really excited about the new prospect of finishing my quilts this way. I can’t believe I waited this long to try it out, but I’m so glad I’m finally doing it. I have so many ideas, and so many projects to finish (including this one!) this year.

11 Thoughts on “no flipping way!

  1. I’m feeling your excitement! It looks great and you’ll love finishing more and more quilts! I hand quilted only for years and my world has been turned upside down, too!

  2. YAY! It looks fantastic! It is an amazingly freeing feeling to be able to finish the quilting this way, don’t you think?!

  3. I think it looks fantastic. What machine did you use to quilt it?

  4. It looks wonderful! I can’t believe you were so nervous about giving it a try – you’ve done so well!!!

  5. Told ya so! Great results:) Keep it up girl!

  6. Great job! It looks wonderful!

  7. Great job!
    Does your machine have a stitch regulator?
    I have tried and tried to do free motion quilting, would love to know some of the links you mentioned.

  8. Looks awesome – and no one else notices those little “spots”! I have to remind myself of that all the time! Glad I found your blog!

  9. oh wow, it’s totally beautiful… so fresh and modern…

  10. Your quilt is beautiful, you did a terrific job!

  11. It looks great! I think the speed is the hardest part about free motion quilting. If the cat likes it, then that means you were successful! =)

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