Conversation tonight with Ben on our walk:

Me: “….I like it because it’s patchwork-y.”

Ben: “Do they work at State Farm?”

Me: “????”

Ben: “Pat Schwirkey. It just sounds like someone who probably sells insurance at State Farm.

Me: “YES! That’s totally my new alter ego!”

So yeah. Here’s something patchwork-y made by the very un-insurance selling Pat Schwirkey.


3 Thoughts on “my new alter ego

  1. You should get realtor-style business cards, with a picture of you in a blazer.

  2. I love that, soo funny! If I were a quilter, I’d definitely start a company called Pat Shwerky. Cute bag, I love that too :)

  3. Dear Ms. Schwirkey,
    Your latest project is sure to appeal to a wide variety of client. The tailoring details are executed to perfection. As long as the premium costs are reasonable, this should be a great selling policy.
    A satisfied insurance client!!!!
    Looks great, Sarah!

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