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As per usual, it’s been a little while. Okay, it’s been a long while. If you’re still reading, I’d like to give you a hug. HUG. Thanks for sticking with me.

I’ll do my best to catch you up. In the past 7-ish months of so, here’s what’s been going on at ye olde Hip to Piece Squares:

Yellow Door Art Market

By far, the most exciting thing for me was being picked to have my sewn goodies have a new home at the Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley, Michigan this spring. It’s a fabulous and well loved shop that has goods from about 60 Michigan artists on display, all the time. My spot is a cozy little green table near the register…just perfect!

Yellow Door Featured Artists

In March, I was Yellow Door’s featured artist of the week, and had a whole week dedicated to me and my work on their blog. I even had a spot in the store’s front window for the whole month. That may be the closest I ever come to being a celebrity.

back from the repair shop

In April, just as I was starting to get ready to start getting ready for summer shows and keep my table at the Yellow Door full, my sewing machine took a dive. I was without my machine for two whole weeks. I borrowed a friend’s machine, but it wasn’t the same. Thankfully, my machine feels like it’s in the best condition since it first came home.

crazy list

But while my machine was away, I went to crazy town and started making my patented, crazy lady, color coded lists. I actually lost it a little when I misplaced my orange pen (which was used to cross off checked items) and had to make a special trip to the store to buy one. Ben asked if I could just use another color, and I may have looked at him like he had two heads. OF COURSE NOT. ORANGE IS THE COLOR OF CROSSING OFF. I found my original orange pen two days later at work. Now I’m all set!

pouch stack

But all that crossing off with the orange pen meant that I got a lot done! I sewed what seemed like hundreds of bags and pouches this spring. Maybe it wasn’t hundreds, but it was a lot.

triangle pillows

Pillows were also on my to-do list this late this spring. I want to do patchwork projects, and they can be hard to fit in with my other sewing obligations sometimes. I’ve been in a half square triangle mood for the past few months, and I imagine it’ll continue. They’re just so much fun to piece and quilt.

Redford I-Art Festival

With the arrival of summer, also came my craft show season. I did A LOT of shows last year…12 total. I decided early on this year, and especially with the addition of the Yellow Door to my workload, that I would cut back, and only do my most favorite shows. This summer I participated in three shows, including Maker Faire Detroit and the Redford Michigan I-Art Festival. Great times were had at all, and now I’m looking forward to starting my fall shows.

Hudson is sleepy

The pets had a busy summer too. Hudson was a lousy guard dog most days at the sewing room door.

Audrey as a penguin

And Audrey pretended to be a penguin. They’ll have lots to tell their friends when they go back to school in two weeks. (Wait, that’s me. I go back to work at school in two weeks. Crap!)

Laura's wedding party!

I also was a bridesmade in my friend Laura’s wedding this summer! All four of us originally met at our now disbanded Brighton Modern Quilters group several years ago. The group might not have worked out as a whole, but I made some amazing friends there that I still continue to see and sew (or knit) with. It was a beautiful and fun (but hot!) weekend.

mistake pouch

One beautiful thing about 2012 so far is that I have felt so creative! I can’t fall asleep at night because I keep thinking of all of the things I want to make. New ideas don’t always work out, but on the whole, I feel like this has been one of the most creative years, ever. The discouraging thing is that I don’t physically have time to do it all, and that’s when I get frustrated. This pouch came out of an hour of pure sewing experimentation, and although I don’t think it’s quality enough to sell, it’s quality enough for me. Sometimes I like it when that happens, and I don’t feel bad keeping the items I make.

Chevron Pouch

So that, pretty much, is it for the past seven-ish months in a nutshell. Keeping this blog is by far, the toughest part for me. I love to write, I love to take pictures, and I LOVE to sew and make things, but it is SO hard for me to just say it. There are those who do it so much better than me, and it’s hard to compare yourself to that. But, I can look back over these notes and snapshots that I’ve taken over the years and know what I’ve accomplished for myself. I still have a long ways to go, and a lot more sewing to do.

16 Thoughts on “to the one or two people that haven’t unsubscribed from me on google reader yet…

  1. I’m still here! I’m not stalking you or anything either …. you just popped up in my reader window while I was checking it. I swear!
    Of all the things you’ve done during this time I think I’m most impressed with your list. I’m a list maker myself so I can appreciate the search for the orange pen.

  2. PaulaK on August 16, 2012 at 10:13 pm said:

    What an impressive list. Made me tired just looking at it. Your work is impressive and you’ve inspired me!

  3. If it’s any encouragement, I will never remove you from my google reader! It’s always such a fun treat when one of your posts shows up. :) Yours was one of the very first quilt blogs I discovered, and now, years later, your aesthetic is still one of my very favorites. I love studying the detail in your work in all your photos — it’s all beautiful!

  4. I understand entirely about the orange pen!

  5. What a lot of work ! everything beautiful and inspiring, as always !
    and I love this pouch you pretend is not good enough to sell !

  6. Looks like you have at least 6 readers! Love all the work you have been doing!

  7. Whew, I got tired just READING your post! As I often say when I feel a trifle overcommitted: oh well, we wouldn’t want to get complacent, right?? You look great BTW, love the hair.

  8. Welcome back! Everything looks gorgeous as always!

  9. Hooray, sounds like you’ve had a very productive summer! Glad to see you back :)

  10. I loveee your HSTs (the blues!) and your super duper organized graph paper list, that alone is inspiring!

  11. Rebekah on August 19, 2012 at 10:41 pm said:

    yay for summer fun! I miss you and your blogging! But I’d rather see you than read your blog :)

  12. Still here! :) Looks like you had a productive summer.

  13. Congrats on having your goods at that cute shop! Everything looks bright and cheery and your window display makes me want to go into the store. I love your beautiful list, I’m a HUGE fan of lists myself. Cutting down from 12 to 3 craft shows sounds like a good decision. Glad you had fun!
    I love your work and am happy when one of your blog posts shows up in my reader!

  14. I just found you! I love your catch up from the summer months. :)

  15. I love your list. I’m jealous because I have all that floating around in my head. This is motivating me to get more organized.

  16. you’re my hero!! seriously congratulations!!

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