So after several days of obsessively knitting, I have finished my first scarf. I used the pink yarn that felt like a fluffy bunny to me, to make a long thin scarf that I can wrap around my neck a few times but still be long enough. (I had been working on the blue scarf but I’m starting over on that. There were just too many mistakes in that one.) But I’m happy with this one, especially since it’s my first finished knit project.

It's Pink And Fuzzy And Feels Like A Bunny

I made an awsome purchase at Crate & Barrel this week too. The quilt rack that I’ve been keeping my eye on since about May has finally gone on sale. I ordered it last night, so hopefully we’ll get it in the next week. I’m very excited. It’s just what I wanted, and couldn’t find one like it anywhere else.
And finally tonight, I just wanted to mention, despite getting an offer to join in on all the benifits the AARP has to offer me this week (that’s right folks, I’m 23) doesn’t mean that I’m too old to go to concerts. My sister Claudia and I had an awsome time seeing Jimmy Eat World at Michigan State University tonight. See? I do have other non-old lady type hobbies, like rocking out on certain occasions.

I started a new scarf out of the pink fuzzy yarn I bought, but I’m still not done with the blue one yet. Oh wait… I’m not done with those, plus the new Wedding quilt, the Apple Core quilt, there’s that antique quilt I’m working on, I’ve got one that I started when I made Wedding Spectacularrrr that’s the same pattern, only in bold colors, I still haven’t finished the one that I’m making for my Granny, and yeah… there’s a Trip Around The World quilt that I’m doing by machine that I started in 2000. Just what I need to be doing–starting new projects, that probably won’t get finished.
Hopefully I’ll have some extra time after the stress of the last three days at Fox are through. Here’s me having some fun at the teleprompter during a commercial break tonight. Let me tell you how glad I’ll be to never, ever, ever run a teleprompter again after Sunday night.

Don't these headphones make my head look awful?

I’ve got to stop starting new projects.

Time for a quick post before I head off to work for this evening (only 11 more days left at Fox, yay). I’m about halfway done with the blue scarf, and despite several finger sized holes where I’ve dropped and picked up stiches here and there, it’s not looking too bad. (I’ll post another picture of it when I finish it up.) I really like the soft boucle yarn I’m using, since it doesn’t seem to show my mistakes as much. I also picked up another ball of rosy colored yarn at JoAnn’s this week. It think it looks like a pink angora bunny all balled up right now.
I took a few shots of the parties going on out in my yard right now too. My sunflowers are huge, and doing really well. Aside from the wilted looking one in the front, they look great for planting them from seed earlier this year. I’m going to have to put them up again here next year too.

Sunflower Party

My Black-Eyed Susans are cool too. I spilt this plant this spring and gave half of it away, and it’s already grown back to as big as it was this spring.
They Won't Stop Growing!

Okay, I’m off to work. But my quilting is going with me too!

I didn’t want knitting to be fun, I really didn’t. So to prove to myself how much I’d hate knitting, I bought a ball of yarn, and had my mom show me the knitting basics. Turns out, I don’t hate it. In fact, it’s really pretty cool. I’m thinking that by the end of the winter season, I’m going to have a scarf to go with every outfit I own. This one with the blue yarn is going slow, but I suppose you can’t expect much from your first attempt at knitting.

My First Knitting Project

But that’s not to say that I’m giving up my quilting anytime soon. I’m almost done cutting the pieces to the new wedding quilt, and I’m working on piecing what’s already cut up. I just have three more prints to cut, and I’ll have the whole top of the quilt ready to sew up. I’m getting excited, since I think it’s really going to turn out well, at least color-wise. It’s one of those things that once I see the fabrics next to each other, it just makes me so happy that I don’t stink at combining fabrics.
See! I’m still quilting!
Still Cutting Fabric