I started a new scarf out of the pink fuzzy yarn I bought, but I’m still not done with the blue one yet. Oh wait… I’m not done with those, plus the new Wedding quilt, the Apple Core quilt, there’s that antique quilt I’m working on, I’ve got one that I started when I made Wedding Spectacularrrr that’s the same pattern, only in bold colors, I still haven’t finished the one that I’m making for my Granny, and yeah… there’s a Trip Around The World quilt that I’m doing by machine that I started in 2000. Just what I need to be doing–starting new projects, that probably won’t get finished.
Hopefully I’ll have some extra time after the stress of the last three days at Fox are through. Here’s me having some fun at the teleprompter during a commercial break tonight. Let me tell you how glad I’ll be to never, ever, ever run a teleprompter again after Sunday night.

Don't these headphones make my head look awful?

I’ve got to stop starting new projects.

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