I’ve recently been rummaging around the Internet to see if there’s any possibly that there’s people out there who consider quilt making to be something other than an over-50 hobby, or for that fact, even a real art. As hard as it is to find some of these people, there are some really cool fiber artists who do some interesting work. The latest website that I’ve come across are the quilts done by Martha Bruin Degen, and I think they’re pretty cool. She does a lot of work by hand, and although I’m a believer in the old-fashioned school of hand quilting, they’re not your typical Log Cabin quilt. I really love the fact that while some of her pieces look like traditional quilts, they have processes in them that most quilters, even good quilters, wouldn’t ever think about doing. Some of it reminds me of the “Many Deaths of Sunbonnet Sue” quilt. It’s definitely interesting art either way.
Stepping away from quilting to a fiber art that I really have no interest in trying, but think is somehow perfect for any new-age domestic lady in waiting to try is cross-stitch. The Subversive Cross Stitch website would be where I would start if quilting ever got boring for me. It’s just hilarious. I’m thinking about ordering the “People Are Cattle” kit. Put away your frilly dress, get a unique piercing, and do a little sweet cross-stitch.

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