I like to think that I have a pretty good handle on gardening and growing plants. I worked in a plant nursery for three summers in college, and didn’t manage to kill many of the plants (on my own watch, at least) through neglect. This year, I’m living in a house of my own with a pretty nice yard that’s perfect for starting a little garden. I think I may just be a failure at starting plants from seed though. Out of 10 or so seeds I’ve started so far, only my African Daisies have seen the beam of my grow light. Tonight I’ve been checking out the articles at You Grow Girl to see if there might be any hope for me. If nothing else, they have some of the coolest pictures of gardening related things there. I’m thinking I may have to invest in a “Garden Hoe” tool apron for my outdoor work this summer. One thing there did tell me to relax a little, and not be such a perfectionist about my garden, but how can I even have a crappy garden when I can’t get any of my plants to grow?
I mentioned yesterday about the “Many Deaths of Sunbonnet Sue” quilt that I came across at the Michigan State University museum a few summers ago, and today I actually found it at the The Quilt Index. It’s a really interesting site that serves as a database for quilts made during different time periods, for different functions in Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Turns out the quilt is actually titled “The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue,” and was made in the great quilting state of Kansas. And if I didn’t think it was a great quilt to begin with, turns out the quilting was all done by hand! They’re quilters after my own heart.

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