So I’ve heard that quilting is supposed to be making a comeback with the younger crowd, but I’ve honestly yet to find it. When searching for “quilt” and “quilters” and “quilting” in the LiveJournal search, I came up with some strange and often “not very appropriate materials to be viewing while using the company’s computer” pages. Am I missing something?!? There’s several goth quilting and, well, I don’t know what this has to do with quilting, but there’s one blog that’s all about women wearing gags. Maybe sometimes my quilting makes me a little sick to my stomach, say, if I stich something wrong, or a color doesn’t look so good next to each other, but I’ve never felt the need to use my quilts as gags! Strange and freaky people out there…
Hey! My birthday is still coming up! This time I’ll suggest a very nice idea for a quilting related gift. I love the 1930’s reproduction fabrics, and Keepsake Quilting (America’s largest quilt shop–Why don’t I have one of these around here??)has a really cool collection of them. Just don’t look at the price when you order!

One Thought on “Freaky “I Don’t Think They’re Into Quilting” People

  1. hahaha! i remember when the lj quilting community was all full of goth-wierdo quilters! I only just made my quilting blog this year, but i’ve been on lj for the past 5.. I wish i would have know that people had “quilting” blogs, and “knitting” blogs, etc. but i always just thought blogs were for keeping in touch with friends and maybe meeting people. after reading your early posts i thought i should comment, because i was/am feeling the same way– frustrated about not finding other fun young quilters. now i know they’re out there, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
    thanks for your comment, btw.

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