I’ve been looking around to find other good quilting blogs, and I’m really surprised that there aren’t any that are 1. good, or 2. updated on a yearly basis. Not that I’m interesting or anything, but it seems to me that I may be one of the few quilt blogs around. Now people just need to find me. So far searches on yahoo and google yield no links to me. I’m going to have to find publicity somewhere!
I was pretty impressed at the QuiltArt page I found this evening while trying to avoid writing about Detroit trash at work. Some of the art there is really unbelievable. I wouldn’t even know where to start to make the quilts found there. To me though, the fine print about many of those quilts is that although in the pictures they look big, some are just the size of a piece of paper. That’s my goal–start reeaally small. I plan on making an art quilt that’s the size of a pin. Nobody really knows I didn’t make one! It’s ART!
Countdown to my birtday: sometime this week. If you’re looking for something nice to give me, this mirror at Target would be perfect.

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