Yesterday we decided the side of the house needed some sort of flowering tree. Today we planted one. We went large shrub/small tree shopping, and brought ourselves home a hydrangea tree. It’s quite wee right now, but it gives me a good excuse to buy new plants to put all around it. I really wanted something like a flowering dogwood tree (they were everywhere when I lived in North Carolina) but I don’t think they’re the most hardy tree in Michigan. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the one we bought will actually live.
I’ve been outside for the last couple of days, since it’s been too warm to keep the quilt on my lap when I work on it. Maybe someday we’ll invest in an air conditioner. Maybe not. Tomorrow’s supposed to be cooler, but I’m working in the evening too. I wonder if anyone would notice me doing that instead of typing. It’s not like they ever give me enough work to do anyway.
Countdown until my birthday: a few days! And if anyone would like to give me a present, fabric and plants are always a thoughtful gift. I also like green candles, picture frames, and this coffee table from Pottery Barn.

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