I’m back to my quilting, and as always, I can’t stay focused on just one project. During some downtime while reorganizing the spare bedroom/sewing room, I decided to take an inventory of the projects that I’m currently working on. I’m just about finished with Angie and Vaughn’s Texas Star quilt, I’ve got my parents birthday/wedding anniversary Apple Core quilt about halfway pieced, there’s the new blue, green, and yellow quilt I decided I had to start, then there’s the machine pieced Trip Around the World Quilt I’ve been working on for 4 years now, and the bold color Texas Star quilt that I thought would be fun to piece when I started the wedding quilt for A&V. Let’s see… five quilts? That’s not too bad, especially considering that I’m almost done with the first one.
I actually dreamed last night that it was a week before A&V’s wedding, and I was only in the place that I am right now, and I freaked out. I’d really like to have the binding done by the end of the week, so I can finish the rest of the quilting. I really am paranoid it’s not going to be finished though. Even with the rest of my projects, it’s still my first concern.
Moving along, I’ve been checking out The Quilters Cache a lot lately. They have an huge amount of free quilt block patterns that you can print off and use. I spent about an hour going through the blocks fast, and printing off some of my favorites, so that I can start even more quilts that I don’t need to be doing. Beware though, it’s so cutsie and country, that it makes me a little sick. Despite its appearance, it is a pretty good place to hunt for things to do.

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