I’ve been spending considerably more of my time outside doing gardening than inside doing sewing lately, and I think my quilt is mad at me for doing so. Last week I improved an area next to our fence, and yesterday we spent several hours digging up and moving around plants that needed a better home. This spring it was interesting to see where things started growing at, and the people who owned our house last had a bad sense of where to grow things. Then this morning, our dumptruck load of dirt was brought in, and I spent several hours filling my new veggie beds with dirt. I just know I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.
I also started (but have not finished) reorganizing our spare bedroom/sewing storage room. I was inspired by an episode of HGTV’s Mission Organization and I ran to the room and started chucking things around. Did I mention that it’s still not cleaned up yet? It’s my plan for tomorrow morning since it’s supposed to rain, and I’m not about to move mud into my gardens.
And for the mean time, I’ve found some pretty interesting gardening tidbits at Backyard Gardener. I really don’t have much of a backyard to garden, most of my gardening is done on my side yard, but the either way, it’s still a pretty good site. They’ve got some really random links, but mixed in, there are some links that are good stuff. It’s at least worth checking out.

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