After a brief hiatus from this little blog, I’m back with more quilting uselessness. LiveJournal was having an attitude problem, and any time I tried to post anything, it would just let the last two or three lines of my entry show up. I refuse to become one of those blog people who think having a blog is really cool, but after about three weeks get bored, and never write again. That’s just no fun. Hopefully we’ll have more fun and excitment here!
But on the up side of all things fun and deeelightful: I’m a few steps closer to finishing my Wedding Star quilt. The main quilting is done, and the binding is about half way finished. After that I’ll finish it by quilting the border, and that will be eveything. I am pleased that it only took about a month or so to quilt the stars and diamonds in it. That’ll mean that I’ll only be working on this quilt for roughly another six months or so. I feel like I’m trying to fly through it since I’m getting eager to do more work on my Apple Core quilt. Yeah, I think I promised that one to my parents only oh… two years ago.
One other thing. I happened to stumble across some high-tech quilting stuff this week. I was flipping through this month’s issue of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine and I found an ad for quilting information at Hewlett-Packard. It turns out that HP super into the fabric printing, and some of it seemed really interesting. I think it would be a really great way to print labels for a quilt, that wasn’t so super detailed. There’s no way I’d ever use it for something I entirely hand pieced and quilted, but it would be especially good for a kid’s quilt.
And one more thing, besides the last one more thing. Sort-of related to quilting; I think I found my perfect quilt rack. We got money from my Granny to buy a quilt rack when we got married last October, and so far, we’ve still not bought one. But today, I found a perfect one at Crate and Barrel. It’s perfect. All of the ones I had seen so far were really country, woody ones. And as many people know, I have a problem with woodiness. It’s perfect, and it must be mine! Get out the AmEx, I’m shopping tonight!

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