So after a month of heavy-duty gardening, we’ve actually managed not to kill anything yet. I say this, and I just know I’ll walk out tomorrow and see that our lawn is brown or something awful. Today we finished all of our beds, and that means that I’ve only got one more spot to finish up at. We have a tall fence that cuts off our backyard on a slope, and there’s nice plants mixed in with super-tough weeds. It’s going to be an awful time seperating that. I think that what I’d rather do is dig the stuff up along the fence, and just have grass growing. It’s too hard to seperate, and too much of a pain to keep it up there. I’m looking for low maintenance.
It’s been a wacky and wild week with me, and honestly, I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse. On the upside of the issues, my house is clean and my gardening is finishing up. On the downside of things, I’m preparing for an interview I’m not sure that I even have yet, and I’m freaking out. Really freaking out. The current job is only getting worse, and that’s causing more distress. I’ve got to get to the end of this soon.
Oh yeah! And the quilt for A&V’s Wedding Spectacularrrr isn’t even close to being done. I’ve gotta get myself into “so stressed out that I can’t stand it anymore” mode before I get it finished up. I’m stressed out with the fact that I’m not sure how to quilt it, and I’m stressed out that it’s not done. My quilting world is crumbling around me, and I’m freaking out, really bad!

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