Happy June! I, of course, celebrated the beginning of the new month by shopping. I ended up buying the Encylopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns, but it was mainly because it was a dull day in the book asile. Last time I was in the store, it seemed to me there were a lot more books that I really wanted. It just didn’t seem to be that way this week.
But while I was in the store, I happened to find a really good deal on 10 page scrapbooks. I’ve never really been into scrapbooking, and I don’t really want to start, but I’m more or less looking for books to file what I’ve done with my garden, or decorating ideas for the house. I plan on keeping all the tags from the plants I bought this year, and following up on how each did. I was flipping and ripping pages out of one of my old Real Simple magazines, and they had a neat idea to catalogue big projects so that you’re able to reference it later. Either way, the scrapbook, was only 4.99, so I figured it was a good deal. I would have bought two, if there were more nice ones still available. The only ones left after I picked out mine were a really bad print on red and blue books. Mine was much better.
My weekend starts tomorrow, and I’ve got big plans for the next three days. Ben heard over the real weekend, that our neighborhood is holding a yard sale soon, and I want to be prepared. We have sooooo many old clothes and stuff from college that needs to be out of our basement. If it doesn’t sell, then its going to Goodwill. If they won’t take it, it’ll all be trashed. I want my house clutter-free, if for just once in our lives!
Oh yeah, and hopefully we’ll hear good news from anyone about interviews. I’m meeting for with the owner of an insurance agency next Friday, and today she e-mailed me to tell me my resume looks beautiful. I think that’s a good thing!

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