I’ve really got to stop starting projects. So I went to my wonderful Granny’s house this past week, and got to talk serious quilting. We were talking about the 1930’s reprint fabrics and antique quilts, and she brought out a shoebox full of half done Grandmother’s Fan blocks, that were started by (I believe) her aunt in the 1930’s. They’re great–some of the pieces are actually fabric from shirts and old aprons. So my newest project is to put it together. I’m not sure how big it’ll be when it’s done, but I’m really looking forward to doing it.

1930's Quilt Blocks

I also got big compliments on A&V’s wedding quilt. She liked my stiches. It’s always nice to get good comments from someone that you know does really good work. But as far as getting it done, I’m really losing steam. I’m just really tired of working on it, and I want it to be done–without putting more work into it. I felt this way when I was finishing Ben’s quilt too. But the satisfying feeling that I’ll know I’ll get when the last stich is in is something I look forward to as well.
And lastly…eh. There’s no end in sight yet to my days at Fox. I didn’t manage to get a ticket out of here. I think I want to start quilting full time instead of anything else right now. Then it wouldn’t be a hobby anymore. It’d be work. Eh.

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