I am so glad that I’m typing here tonight. I was working on the templates last night, and at one point I reloaded the page, only to find that my blog was GONE! Totally freaked me out. Thankfully I married a (cute) computer guy, and we got it all worked out. *Phew!*
So I worked up the courage (and the stress) to start quilting the border around the Wedding Spectacularrrr quilt, and it’s been a nightmare.
Big Problem #1. I had to make sure that the lattice pattern in the border would line up and be even. Being that I barely know how to add, I decided to take the project to my dad, to plot out on his drafting software. That was a problem, since the quilt isn’t perfectly square (or even for that matter). We ended up getting a pretty good idea of the dimentions for the template, and I decided to run with that.
Big Problem #2. After I made the templete, I used the water soluble chalk pencils to trace the template. It was a good three inches off by the time I got to the end of the border. Not good at all.
Big Problem #3. Turns out the chalk pencils aren’t as water soluble as I thought they would be.
**Solution** Ben to the rescue again! So we decided to measure the length, and divide. But each time we’d measure, we’d get a different length. So we pulled it to an even length, and I have a cross line every seven inches now. I’m hoping to do this with the remainder of the quilt now.
Big Problem #4. I think the dimonds in the lattice are too far apart. I want to add more lines to make more, but smaller dimonds. I’m just not sure if I’m going to have the time to do it.
*Final Thought* This quilt, along with about 17 other things going on right now are making me a human stress ball. What I’d give for a vacation to somewhere far, far away, until everything has gone away.
Today’s post brought to you by my really nice husband, Ben.

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  1. W00t! I got mad propz.

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