ARRRGGGHH! Stupid Internet connection! I had this whole post written, and then my connection crapped out on me. Let’s see what I can remember about what I just finished.
It was so hot here today, that I couldn’t even think about working on the Wedding Spectacularrrr quilt today. Actually, I did think about it, but I was worried that I’d pass out if I tried quilting under it. Luckily, it’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow, so maybe I’ll have more luck trying it then.
(Side note: Would it be weird if I actually name A&V’s quilt “Wedding Spectacularrrr?” I don’t know if that sounds strange or not, but I like it. Maybe it could just be “Wedding Spectacular.” I think it really needs the rolled “R” at the end though.)
Favorite quilting site of the day (and possibly even the week–this one’s really cool) is Denyse Schmidt Quilts. I really, really love her quilt designs. They’re so simple, but they’re just what I like. She’s also designed other fabric creations like pillows… purses, and aprons, and they’re really great. Although I know I could never afford any of her quilts, they’re great inspiration for me. Plus, as an added bonus in my book, they’re all hand quilted by a group of Amish women. Not only do you know they’re works of art, but they’ll last forever.
This better post this time.

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