I have just over two weeks to get A&V’s Wedding Spectacularrrr quilt done. I’m not so sure I’m going to make it. I’m honestly starting to freak out about it.
But something else for me to freak out about… I lost my job today! I swear it wasn’t just me though, it was the entire news department at the fine Fox 47 establishment. Turns out they’re “outsourcing” our news department to the NBC affilate in town to produce two shows a day for our air, starting at the end of August. I guess they’re talking that some people will be able to go with the news, but not everyone. It’s strange though. I think my time as a news producer is done for good. I can’t imagine taking another job for just over $7.00 an hour, and at best, getting part time work. I’ll either be working for the State of Michigan this fall, or be subsitute teaching. It’ll be an interesting season at least.
On the up side of things, Kasey has come to live with us for good now! We had a little bit of stress at first; she knocked over Ben’s madagasgar palm, ripped the screen door, and took off running away from me (that wasn’t fun) but she’s behaving herself well now. We’re going to have to work on her getting up at 5am just to say “hi” habit, but that’ll come in time!

Say Hi To Kasey!

3 Thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes!

  1. I’m sorry to hear aobut your job. Kasey is gorgeous. Is she a golden retriever?

  2. Sarah on August 7, 2004 at 7:46 pm said:

    Oh yes, she’s VERY golden retriver!

  3. :> My family is very partial to golden retrievers. We(mom, my brother, and I when grwoing up) had two, very neurotic ones. My aunt and uncle now have their third. So retrievers have been in the family for a long time. They are very sweet dogs. But some how we always picked the most neurotic. The first one never learned to come. So she would always get out of the house and run as long as she could till we caught her. The second was so clingy she would go do something bad deliberatly (ike dig in the garbage can) to get negative attention if she couldn’t get positive attention. I suspect some of the nerosis eveloped because as teenagers we were very busy and not at home enough to be companions for them.
    My aunt and uncle’s retreivers were a little less neurotic. But they had their own individual quirks too. One was a pet shop puppy and when you stroked the side of his face you could hit a nerve that would cause his lip to curl. He wasn’t growling or anything. In fact he enjoyed the petting. It was very odd to see. :>
    I can tell Kasey is a very sweet retriever. Your going to have a lot of good times with her, in spite of the frustrations. :> Sorry for the reminiscing, I’m very attached to the dogs that have gone through my life and Kasey’s picture brought a lot of memories to the foreground. :> (sniff)

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