So I’m pleased to report that all went well with the quilt giving. It was a mighty traumatic weekend and all, since it was very much like giving my child up. (Okay, so I don’t have children, and I’m sure it would be worse to give up an acutal child, but it was pretty hard.) I spent much of my evening strolling by the gift table to make sure that people were still looking at it, and it hadn’t been pushed aside or buried by the plethora of presents surrounding it, as seen here:

Sarah On Quilt Patrol

We went to watch the newly married couple open presents the next day and got to see them open it. I, of course cried. They spread it out for everyone to see and they all started clapping. I was emotional, and I felt like a big dork. But it was all good, and we had a fun day.
The Already Married Couple

See? We know how to have fun and look good, all at the same time.
But now, you may be asking, “Sarah, now that you’ve finished this quilt, what will you be working on next?” Now that’s a pretty stupid question. The big project now is to get the next round of wedding quilts started, along with about five others already in progress. I’ll post pictures of everything, minus Laura and Steve’s quilt since I know they think they’re going to be sneaky and try to find out what it looks like here!

3 Thoughts on “Life After Wedding Spectacularrrr

  1. The wedding quilt and apple core quilt are both gorgeous. I ws blown away with all the little pieces, you definitely put a lot of time and effort into them. I could well identify with your emotions over the wedding quilt. I made a queen size quilt for my brother and his new bride well over a year ago at their wedding. I would get tearful whenever they brought it out to show people. The wedding was in Kentucky and I was still sewing labels on the back of the quilt in the car as we drove up. It was the largest quilt I have made o date, queen size, and it was the fasest I’ve done. (for some reason the baby quilts and wall hangings have been taking me a year each or longer… guess it’s because I hand quilted those). I’ll have to post pictures of my wedding quilt so you can see, if you want :>
    Thanks for sharing your quilt, it reminded me of some wonderful memories.
    Love your site name btw.
    Wendy KD

  2. Sarah on August 7, 2004 at 7:45 pm said:

    Thank you very much! It’s hard not to get attached to quilts, especially when you work on them for long periods of time. I took a look at your site, and I love the quilt you made for your brother and his wife. You do very nice work!

  3. Sarah – I am sure the quilt will be valued all their lives – believe me the things you make people are remembered for so much longer than anything else because in a busy life finding time to make something involves setting aside time and thought for them and you do good work

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