I’ve been cutting pieces for the next wedding quilt I’m making for several days now, and I was in the mood to take a break from that. Unfortunatly, it feels like it’s 90 degrees in the house today, and keeping a quilt on my lap to work on just doesn’t excite me too much. But I did pull out the Apple Core quilt that I’m making for my parents. I’m hoping it’ll be much cooler by the time I get home tonight from work to do some sewing. But I was pleasantly suprised by it. I hadn’t worked on in in some time, since I wanted to get Wedding Spectacularrr ready to go. Turns out, I’m on row 20 of 30. So with that said, I’d like to try to have the top completly pieced and ready to quilt by the end of October. I think that’s pretty reasonable.

Apple Core Quilt

But while my sewing isn’t loving the heat, my flowers sure are. I moved a lily that was in a weird spot next to the shrubs in the front of the house to along the side of our fence this year, and it just finally opened up. I was afraid I had hurt it when I moved it, but apparently it was okay. It’s now one of my most favorite flowers in the yard.
Pretty Pink Lily

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