So I’m still cutting pieces for the latest round of wedding quilting (when will you people stop getting married?!?) but I couldn’t help myself and I started sewing. After a while I just had to do something else but cut. I know I ought to use my rotary cutters to help out, but I feel like I have more control over the fabric when I use scissors. It’s probably the same reason why I don’t like machine quilting either–I get a feeling of controling what I’m doing when I sew by hand. It’s also the old lady in me creeping out. You know I’m actually a 56-year-old in the body of a 23-year-old. It’s weird.
But when I’ve been stuck here at work (only 21 more days left until the Channel 10 takeover) in the evenings I’ve been on the search for new good quilting websites. Is it just me, or is there really no good quilting websites? Everything that I’ve found has just been pretty useless. Although, in the past couple of months I have found that All Too Quilty, and more recently Quilting Reflections, are another two quilting blogs that are good sites, that are written by people who are actually good quilters. But overall, I’m really blown away by the fact that quilting is hardly represented on the web. They’re all knitters! Where did all the knitters come from?!? Knitters make me jealous because I wish I could do it. It’s just another thing to add to my book of things to do after I finish the projects I’m already on.
Good news for me! My nearest and dearest friend Kate, is visiting from North Carolina this week. I see a shopping road trip in the very near future for us!

4 Thoughts on “Let The Sewing Begin

  1. Thanks for the recognition. :> (and the comment at Quilt Reflections. I do love when people stop to chat. :>)
    I feel the same way about machine quilting but I’m dautned by using scissors on fabric. I love my roatary cutter. I get much better cuts that way. I just haven’t done much with templates and I was never good when it came to coloring inside or drawing on the lines …I’m an impressionist in my approach on life. :>
    BTW, have you seen yet? “In a minute ago” has a nice entry on it describing its history.
    It’s definitely a site to keep your eye on. ;>

  2. I too got frustrated by the lack of quilting sites that were “interactive” rather than just advertising! I’m in the same boat with my wearable art–i want to communicate with people, not just see what they’re doing! And now you’ve got me fired up to put some of my quilting efforts on-line!
    Great blog, love your sense of humour. And the wrapping you did on your wedding gift was inspired! Have to remeber that one myself!
    May i add a link to your site on mine?

  3. You can absolutly add my link! I’m looking forward to seeing some of your quilt work. Your wearable art is awsome–way out of my league!

  4. melissa on November 29, 2005 at 2:48 pm said:

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