I know it’s been mentioned time and time again, but I love the Quilt Index. It’s a slow night here at work, so I’ve been scanning through it. It’s such a great place to go to get inspired for color or pattern ideas.
I’ve been thinking about pieces of the antique Grandmother’s Fan quilt that my Granny gave me. Right now, I’m using yellow quarter circles, but I found this verson of a similar quilt, and I’m thinking about possibly using the red instead. It’s so much more vibrant than the yellow.
I’ve also been thinking recently about how important it is for me to be a good, consistant quilter. I had been working on the quilt for Laura and Steve at work the other weekend, and someone mentioned to me that it’s unbelieveable that I’d want to do all that small work by hand. I think it’s hard for people outside of this art to understand that quilting is, in fact, an art. No one would ever go up to a painter and ask why they put small details into to their paintings. I think it’s why I was so worried that my Wedding Spectacularrrr quilt would be appreciated, after countless hours of hand piecing and quilting were put into it. But it makes me want to work harder as a quilter; to become exceptional in my work.
Oh, and by the way, I got a job. It’s temporary for the time being, but it’s a start. My last day at Fox is this Sunday, and Monday morning, I’m an aid for a special education boy in a first grade classroom–at least for a little while. It’s quite a career change, but I’m feeling good about it. Yay, for somewhat steady work!

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  1. Congratulations on the job! I’m very happy for you. I hope you find that you enjoy the work. If I’m not totatly confused, I believe my sister-in-laws degree is in Special Ed. She’s had to delay persuing her career because my brother’s career in the army took them to Germany (Darn the luck ;>)
    I had a similiar incident happena t my dentist appoint me the other week. I have avery notice dentist sometimes. :> But he’s a nice guy and very gentle on the teeth. :> He saw the cathedral window quilt pieces and asked about them. I explained what my mother -in-law and I were doing. His comment was that if we added up all the time spent working on it we would never get that much for it if we sold it. I think he was totally missing the true value of the quilt …which is the memories of making it with my mother-in-law and the memories associated with the fabrics. No one could ever afford to buy it!
    However, on the upside. Mom D found out that a friend had a small wall hanging cathedral window quitl that ws ruined in a flood. The insurance company estimated the value of the quilt to be $400. Which would mean that our Queen size quilt could be well over $4000 when done. Not that we would ever want to have to claim it for insurance or anything.
    I’m with you on the wanting to be an exceptional quilter. You go girl ;>
    I’ve definitely have to go visit the quilt index …just gotta find the time. ;>
    Have a good night.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the link to the Quilt Index…excellent site. I’m sure I’ll be visiting often. And congrats on the new job!

  3. LOL and too true about all the handwork–can you imagine anyone grilling Van Gogh or Seurat about all those brushstrokes and dots?!?!?! People *are* slowly being educated though about the value of handwork and the subsequent value of the artwork created, thank godness.

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