It’s offical–I can’t keep a secret. My friend Laura saw the block for her wedding quilt last week, since I can’t keep my mouth shut or things hidden in my house. On the plus side of this, it does mean that I can post pictures of its progress though.

At Least Laura Really Likes It!

Laura was pretty excited about it though. She thought the colors were pretty much just what she had wanted. I’m more excited about these colors to start with than I was with Wedding Spectacularrrr. It took awhile before that one really grew on me.
Either way, this is just one of the 30 blocks in the quilt. The squares in the block are about 2 inches each, so it’ll probably take me a while to put together. I’ve been taking a bit of time off from it though, since my two scarves have been getting a lot of my attention, along with the quilt I’m working on for my Granny. I’ll post a picture of that when I get the whole top pieced. That should hopefully be by the end of the week.
And on a quick sidenote: The new job’s great.

3 Thoughts on “I’m Such A Push-Over!

  1. i love the colors in this one! i found your blog from “in a minute ago’s” blog post and i have been reading for a little while. you are nuts (in an admirable way) to be making quilts as wedding presents. i started doing little ones as baby presents for people i worked with and once you’ve done one then you have to do one for everybody. i really burned myself out for a while and swore off quilting. i am just starting to get back in to it.

  2. yummy colours!!!!

  3. Thank you, and thank you! Becka: holy cow are you talented. Your turtle messenger bag totally puts mine to shame! (It’s also why I mostly stick to quilting–that’s easier than messenger bags.) I’m loving your site though; I’ve got to add it to my links for other people to check out.

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