So after several days of obsessively knitting, I have finished my first scarf. I used the pink yarn that felt like a fluffy bunny to me, to make a long thin scarf that I can wrap around my neck a few times but still be long enough. (I had been working on the blue scarf but I’m starting over on that. There were just too many mistakes in that one.) But I’m happy with this one, especially since it’s my first finished knit project.

It's Pink And Fuzzy And Feels Like A Bunny

I made an awsome purchase at Crate & Barrel this week too. The quilt rack that I’ve been keeping my eye on since about May has finally gone on sale. I ordered it last night, so hopefully we’ll get it in the next week. I’m very excited. It’s just what I wanted, and couldn’t find one like it anywhere else.
And finally tonight, I just wanted to mention, despite getting an offer to join in on all the benifits the AARP has to offer me this week (that’s right folks, I’m 23) doesn’t mean that I’m too old to go to concerts. My sister Claudia and I had an awsome time seeing Jimmy Eat World at Michigan State University tonight. See? I do have other non-old lady type hobbies, like rocking out on certain occasions.

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  1. I’ve really been enjoying your blog. My husband recently started blogging about our home improvement and our new baby and so I thought hey I wonder if they’re are quilt blogs out there. I was happy to find there are. I was reading your blogs from april and I agree, there are not many young quilters out there….I try to get it going in my neck of the woods, and have somewhat converted my sister, al tough I think she just comes to see the baby, and her roommate. But it is fun to see your work. Rock on.

  2. Yay for untraditional young quilters! What’s your blog’s url? I’m all about the home improving projects too.

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