It’s taken weeks to get there, but I finally figured out how to finish quilting the Granny Quilt. I started a pinwheel sort of design in the four corner spot that I was having so much trouble with. The template is just the same as the lemon shaped pieces in the quilt, cut in half and rotated on the same side of each square, like this:

Pinwheel Pattern

So the cool thing with this is when several of the blocks are done this way, it gives it a distorted Apple Core pattern feeling to it, like this:
Looks Neat, Doesn't It?

(Sorry about the crappy picture)
I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it at first, but I think it’s going to look a lot better once the whole thing is done. Either way, it looks better to me than having nothing in that space. Without it, it just looked like I had forgotten to finish that section. Now I just have to worry about actually getting it done!
Oh, and here’s my new kitchen door:
New Door

It’s nice now, but I freaked out pretty bad when this was the sight in my kitchen:
Holy Crap, There's A Six Foot Hole In My Kitchen!

Needless to say, I was pretty happy when I had a wall again.

4 Thoughts on “Finally!

  1. The quilting looks great. What do you use to draw the design?

  2. Quilting looks awesome. And good tip about Wee wonderfuls, it is an awesome blog, allthough I suddenly feel like I’m not doing anything.

  3. Ooooh, very nice quilting! I agree it looks much better this way. Doesn’t it feel great when your creativity results in a finished design? I’m glad you got a door. I would have been freaking out with a side of my house gone too! Your doggie seems to be taking it in stride though.

  4. I used a Mark-B-Gone pen to draw my template lines in. If you’ve never used one, they’re amazing. Although I always test it on my fabric, it comes out with just a little water. It’s a really handy tool.

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