So I’m back to work on Granny’s quilt, but I’m still not sure what the final quilting pattern is going to be. I’m trying not to think about it while I just try to finish the basic pattern that I’ve already started. I’m getting the pre-gift jitters again though, with concerns about if I’m going to be able to finish it on time or not. I have one other gift that I’m working on too, that I’m not able to show or speak about, since the person that it’s going to visits here. That one isn’t nearly as exciting as Granny’s quilt though, so you all aren’t really missing out on too much.
I have been knitting scarves like a crazy woman though. You’d think by the time I made three scarves that I’d probably want another knitting project to start on. I bought a book the other night with a hat pattern in it, but I’m just so content to knit scarves right now in a boring old garter stich, that I’m not sure that I could try making one any time soon. I’m in a knit rut, but I seem to be pretty happy where I’m at right now.
I did happen to stumble across a fun quilting link, found at the blog Wee Wonderfuls. She mentioned an article about a company called Fun Quilts that’s in the current issue of Country Living magazine. They’ve got some really great modern quilt patterns, but unlike quilters like Denyse Schmidt, the quilts are all machine pieced and quilted. I just guess that’s the traditional quilter in me, that thinks a quilt is of higher quality when made completly by hand. Fun Quilts prices are a bit more reasonable than Denyse Schmidts though, and they do have some really great looking designs. It’s fun to check out either way.
We have another hole in the wall of our house. This time it’s to put in a patio door. It’s a going to be a bigggg hole. I’ll post pictures later!

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