Okay, so it’s “virtually” finished (when I worked in the news business I was never allowed to write with that word, since it’s a crappy word and in this case means that the quilt is only slightly finished, but not really). I still have to take it to my mom to help me dot the “i” in the embrodery that I’m using to sign my name on the back. I’m French Knot uneducated. So after it goes into the wash after work tomorrow, I’ll have Ben help me take pictures to show it off.
I’ve been contemplating my next project though (like I have time to start a new project). I took some time the other night to draw it out here:

New Quilt.... Again.

I made one block to see how it would turn out, and I think I really like it. If it turns out the way I hope it will, I think it’ll be a really good project.
Purple Burple Block

But the best thing (or it could be worst in this case, since it’ll probably take me around three years to make) is that I already found the perfect backing fabric for it. We have a great Hallmark/giftshop/fabric store in town called Kean’s, and the other day I spotted this fabric. I don’t think the picture does it much justice. It’s much cooler looking in person. Either way, I think that means that I have to make the quilt soon, so that I can at least figure out how much of the backing fabric I’ll need to make it. I have to justify these things to myself.
Pictures will soon follow of the finished product!

One Thought on “It’s DONE!

  1. I’m impressed that you are so realistic about getting your quilts done. I’m always shocked when I haven’t finished a quilt in a month…because of course, I’m delusional. I still have hopes that I will finish my mom’s quilt for christmas. Yeah, I haven’t started it yet.

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