With only days to spare, I have finally finished the quilt. Today it took a trip through the washer and dryer to get its new quilt smell, and remove the majority of dog hair trapped in the stiches. It came out looking perfect–it’s got that crisp look, but at the same time, looks like it could have been made 50 years ago because of the wrinkles. I love the wrinkles. That’s the best part of taking it out of the dryer for the first time. Ahhh!

Yay!  It's Done!

I really am pleased with how the quilting turned out on this bad boy. For all of the frustration I had with picking out the design, it was so worth waiting for to start. The pictures don’t show how nice it looks–I wish I could show it to everyone in person.
Showin Off The Backside

But overall, I really am excited to give this one away. I think part of the reason why I don’t have as much stress and tension about giving this one as a gift, is that it’s actually going to another quilter. My Granny does beautiful work, also all by hand, and I know she’ll appreciate all the work that went into it. Although this quilt (which, I should add is called “Celebration”) is smaller than the Wedding Spectacularrr quilt, it doesn’t mean that I worked on it any less than I did the big one. I just know that it’s going to someone who really will see the value in all my work. That makes a big difference to me.
Yay! Another quilt finished!
Looks Done To Me

6 Thoughts on “Signed, Sealed, and Waiting To Be Delivered

  1. Beautiful!! Congratulations on getting it done. Handquilting is so beautiful I love it, and I love the wrinkles too!!
    Your right that size never indicates how much quilting goes into something, some of the baby quits I’ve made have been covered in quilting whereas bigger ones like the denim quilts I make are all tied.
    Nice work lady.

  2. Thanks! :)

  3. elizabeth on November 22, 2004 at 9:41 am said:


  4. beautiful. i know just what you mean about the wrinkles… quilts are just such lovely things.

  5. Hi Sis! Nice job on another superb quilt! I like the dichotomy in the last picture with the quilt being looked over by Jimmy Hendrix. I wonder if he appreciates the fine art of fabric crafts…

  6. Hey, that is an awesome quilt! I love the colors. My grandmother loved to make that quilt pattern; I know of at least 4 family quilts she made like that. (hers were all 2-color – I like yours better!)
    Very good job! One day I’ll learn how to post pictures on my blog. :)

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