Okay, here’s the deal. I finished the top of the wedding quilt–yay! I’m very, very excited about that. And I’d love to show you all, but I can’t–our computer is out of commission. So please stick with me (thanks also to the people who kept coming back even when our server went down last week too) and I promise I’ll post real pictures as soon as the computer is up and running again! I have so much to show you all : )

2 Thoughts on “ARGH!

  1. You are a very mean person. Every time I see an update to your blog, I pray and hope that I will see this quilt. It simply is not fair the way that you are torturing your readership!

  2. Man, what did I ever do to deserve such a cool wedding gift? I can’t wait to see it! After all the time you’ll have spent on this I’m going to be afraid to touch it lest I gunk it all up. You’re the best sister I sorta never had! 😉

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