Despite having a very busy week last week, I think I can officially say that I’ve caught up. Last night I finished pieceing the last block of the wedding quilt (YAY! No more two inch sqares to piece!) and tonight I’m hoping to finish putting the last six blocks on the rest of the top. All I’ll need is a bit of a border (I’m thinking it’ll look strange, and will possibly be too small without one) and then I get to quilt! So very, very, very exciting!
Another projects that I started and actually finished this weekend were shrinky dink pins.

Shrinky Dink Pins

Again (like many good ideas these days) the pins were inspired by the ones done at Wee Wonderfuls. So many cool things ideas come from there. All I did was make crappy little drawings on the shrinky dinks (I totally love that stuff now–I’ve never played with it before and now I’m hooked!) and then I stuck a pin through it before I put them in the toaster oven. If nothing else really, the look so cool in a pincushion!
In the world of blogs that are not my own, I did want to mention that everyone should go check out Angry Chicken. Amy Karol is a textile artist has the coolest things on her blog. Today’s post featured an amazing log cabin quilt that her mother made. The quilting on it is so unique–it makes it look very different from any other log cabin quilt that I’ve seen, which in my opinion, is a good thing.
Finally, I have to post a picture of the cake my friend Laura made for our crafty girls group birthday party last week.
Knitting Cake

Here’s Alice and Allison posing with their knitting cake–yummy and crafty!

2 Thoughts on “Yay For Finishing Stuff!

  1. Your back! Yeah! And so accomplished. You are cruisin’ missy. I wish that I could get organized and get something done! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. love those pins too. i was also tempted to make some for no other reason than it sounded like fun. i just love shrinky dinks. hope your computer woes sort themselves out soon.

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