Yep. And I feel like I’ve done very little the past several weeks besides getting my quilt on. It’s not like I haven’t had anything to say either–I’ve just been quilting. A lot.
I’m finally on the last six blocks of Laura and Steve’s Wedding Quilt. I’ve been feeling like I’ve really been hauling on it recently–it seems like it’s taken me no time at all, until I look back and realize that in fact, I’ve been working on it for what is actually forever. I have been trying to really get the piecing finished up soon though–we’re expecting to start a major renovation in our kitchen, hopefully starting at the end of this month, and I’m not sure how much work I’ll be getting done on it when we start that project. No new pictures of it at this point though–it still all looks the same to me. I’ll post a shot of it again when I get the entire top pieced. It’s too hard trying to hide the pictures from those people who are not allowed to see it at this point!
Unexpectedly to me, I’ve also gotten a ton of work done on my Bright Squares Quilt that I started about two or three weekends ago.

Bright Squares Quilt

Despite being a smaller quilt, I have almost the whole top finished! I’m about seven blocks away from having it all finished, but most of those blocks have actually been started. Hopefully another week or two, and I’ll be able to start piecing those blocks together. I’d like to have it finished soon so that I can order the fabric that I love for the back of it:
Disco Dot Fabric

And finally, after seeing all of the really cute pincushions at Wee Wonderfuls, I decided that I had to make one too. This one is for a friend in my Crafty Girls group (that I’m headed off to shortly). For being my first one, I thought it turned out pretty cool!
Flower Pincushion

3 Thoughts on “Have I Done Nothing But Quilt Lately?

  1. The backing you chose for the bright squares is great!

  2. That top (and fabric for the back) is so cool! I love the pincushion, too. Can’t wait to see pictures of your other quilt.

  3. The quilt is coming out great. Did I already mention that I plan to steal that idea from you? I love those blocks.

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