I’ve been debating for about a week on which quilt pattern I’m going to do for the Denyse Schmidt quilt-along, and I really can’t decide. I’ve decided to start small. The first project from the book that I’m going to do is the Mix-It-Up Cocktail Coasters.


I’m pretty sure that I’m going to end up making one of the quilts for my friend Kate, but she won’t be able to pick which one she wants me to do until she visits me in September. So for the time being, I’m going to start with small projects! I’d also like to try some of the Dis-cards and the Step Lively Slippers. I see good ideas for Christmas presents here!
So far, both Chawne and Jessica have decided to do Drunk Love 2-Tone. Jessica has hit up Hancock’s of Paducah for their Kona solids, after Denyse left some advice on her blog about where to find a wide variety of solid fabric. If you’re planning on using solids in your projects, they’re a great bargain and they come in every color possible.
I’m off to make my coasters!

4 Thoughts on “DSQA Update

  1. The more I see about this book, the more I realize that I am just going to have to buy it. Soon!

  2. yes yes i like the idea you have to mix it up, cocktail coasters!!! hope all comes out perfectly.

  3. Wow! I just LOVE this book as well! I’ve been making Quilts (and Such) like hers for a while…it’s great to see other cool designs! I don’t like a lot of quilt books but this one is great! One of my quilting students acutally worked on the book, that’s how I found out about it. The cats crack me up!

  4. can you tell me where to find Denyse’s blog?

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