Squished Marshmallows Bag

I totally think this canvas print looks like squished multi-colored marshmallows. Anyone else? I also think that this bag proves that if I take longer than an hour to think out and make a small project, it really can turn out good.
My friend Alice gave me this fabric before she moved earlier this year, and I knew right away that I wanted to make a bag with it. It’s just perfect bag making fabric! I didn’t want to make as hastily as I do some of my other things though. There’s not really anything different about this bag as compared to my last round (other than some pockets) but taking my time and paying attention to details really made it a lot nicer than others I’ve made.
Inside The Squished Marshmallow

I’m in the process of opening an Etsy shop, and the squished marshmallow bag will be for sale there, hopefully by later this afternoon!

2 Thoughts on “Squished Marshmallows

  1. Very cute. That fabric does look like squished marshmallows – very yummy!

  2. Great bag! I love the colors. Let me know how your Etsy shop goes… I haven’t had any luck with mine!

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