In preperation for fall (which I’m grumply doing) I have knitted my first pair of socks. They’re certainly not perfect, but since I’m really not a very experienced knitter I’m okay with the way they turned out. For some reason I’ve been in the mood to do a lot more knitting this past week than quilting…hmmm, I wonder why.

4 Thoughts on “Cozy Toes

  1. The socks look great to me. And as long as you’re happy with them then they work!

  2. oooh super festive!

  3. Lisa Cheboygan on October 18, 2005 at 9:10 am said:

    Happy Fall from the tip-of-the-mitt!
    I’ve been enjoying your website since spring – you’ve given me so much inspiration! But I was wondering – do you ever sleep? Love the socks!

  4. Those are SO COOL! 😀

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