I have finally made some progress with a project for the Denyse Schmidt Quilt-Along! I’m working on a crib size “Flock of Triangles” to give as a gift later this winter.

Baby Flock

I know the picture is really bad, but as soon as I had all the pieces in a good spot, I had to snap a shot of it. I wasn’t real excited about doing a light blue and white quilt, but it’s actually pretty nice. If it were for me, than I think I would have chosen some more interesting colors. I’m just glad that I’m finally getting started on a quilt from the book!
We’ve had a few new joiners too! Jenne has made the coolest oven mitt, and is planning on doing a few more projects as well. We’ll be watching to see what she does next! Stephanie is a knitter who just got bit by the quilting bug, and will be trying out “What A Bunch of Squares” for her first project. It’s already looking great! And finally, Juliann has made a crib size version of “A Day At the Beach, and it turned out amazing:
Juliann's Day At the Beach

I’m so excited to see what people have done so far. All of your projects are coming (or have already come) along so well. We’re making some great pieces from this book!

5 Thoughts on “DS Quilt-Along Update

  1. I love your Flock of Triangles! The blues and white is very lovely indeed. So calming and beautiful…maybe I’ll have to give it a try…

  2. Hey! I’m doing some DS stuff for people for xmas! Add me to the DSalong!

  3. This is how embarassingly bad my memory is. I am already IN the DSalong. I will now go and add the button to my page quietly before I forget to do that as well.

  4. Must. BE. STrong. Can. NOt. Start. New Projects. No matter how cool. Have too many UFO’s…and a Toddler. Am Pregnant. Christmas is coming. The Goose is getting fat.
    Love the flying geese. I always like how those look. Great post.

  5. And there is more about Denyse Schmidt’s new line on my blog… I love it all! http://www.QuiltersBuzz.com

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