This past Saturday (yep, it’s taken me this long to write about something that happened on Saturday) I went to a really amazing vintage textile show at our local antique district. I’m glad I only went with $20 in my bag because I seriously would not have been able to control myself with more.

Vintage Goodness

I did, however, pick up four pieces of vintagie goodness. The first three pieces on the right side are feedsack fabrics (my favorite kind of antique fabric). I think I would have bought more of that too if I had found others in better condition. And I think the paisley is fabulous. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with paisley to be honest.
As for what I’ll be doing with it, I haven’t any idea.

2 Thoughts on “Vintage Booty

  1. Well if you do figure out something let us know….I have a similar collection and am thinking funky throw pillows mixing in some vintage travel textiles. But then… what will I do with the pillows?!

  2. I love the fern fabric… and the blue berries, they remind me of a fabric on a quilt my grandmother made many many years before my birth (I think quite possibly from feedsacks).

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