It may be hard to believe, being that I’ve not written a word here in over a week, but I’ve actually been pretty productive lately.

Wispy Lawn

This is my favorite project that I finshed last week. I’ve been inspired by other quilters who work in the small-scale for so long, and until recently I was stumped on what I wanted to try to make. For being my first attempt at something like this, I was very happy with what I finshed.
For now, my quilt is resting on one of my shelves, but if anyone is interested, “Wispy Lawn” is for sale at my Etsy shop.

8 Thoughts on “Framed Quilt

  1. Beautiful, I love the greens and blue together. I love working on this scale of “quilt”.

  2. i think its awesome!!!

  3. Love it Sarah!

  4. It is especially successful I think because it is very large scale grass on a very small scale quilt — great creativity — with great composition and color. Nice.

  5. That’s great! I can’t applique cotton to save my life. It reminds me of a pattern in a book I just bought called “the new crewel”. I’ll have to post it on flickr so you can check it out.

  6. Beautiful little grass root quilt. Love it!

  7. Beautiful piece of textile art.

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