Finally, an update about the quilt-along! I’ve been slacking about a new DS post because I’ve been too ashamed that I’ve hardly been working on mine. As of this afternoon though, I have my “Flock of Triangles” top completely pieced.

Flock of Triangles

(I thought I was going to get a decent picture this afternoon with the sun actually being out for once in the last month and a half, but I took too long and missed the light.)
It’s really tiny–I had intended on it being a baby gift, but after I started assembling it, I decided I wanted it to be a wall hanging in my sewing room (that’s not such a bad thing, is it?). For being such a small project, at times it really was a big headache. The first thing I missed was that I should have cut the triangles to not stretch (normally I like ignoring bias rules because I feel like it gives the quilts a more unique look that I tend to like). My rows were off in a couple of spots, but since they also had the stretch, it wasn’t a problem to squeek an extra bit of length into them. My other problem seemed to be not sewing off the tips of the triangles. It was a little hard to make things straight, but I just figured that I’d go with it, tips missing and all.
And from what I’ve heard and seen from everyone participating, things seem to be going really well! As Christmas presents, Angela made just about everyone she knew a potholder. Seriously, she made SEVENTEEN of them. She’s by far the winner of most DS projects completed! Jenne also made an awsome potholder with the cutest red and white polka dot fabric on it. I loved it!
Stephanie has set to work on “What a Bunch of Squares.” It’s really off to a good start. Jessica has taken on two projects at once. She’s working on ““Big Zig” and “One Tote Fits All.” Not only are they turning out great, but she’ll probably get tips from Denyse during her quilting class that she’s taking in Connecticut through Make Workshop! How exciting for her!
I’ll share more news as it comes–we have a few new additions to the quilt-along so hopefully we’ll be seeing great things from them too!
Also, if for some reason you e-mailed me about wanting to participate and I haven’t returned your e-mail, I may not have gotten it on the first try. Please either leave a comment, or retry my e-mail
again. Everyone who wants to participate is totally invited to join at any time!

5 Thoughts on “DS Quilt-Along News

  1. tips, shmips, directions are for wimps

  2. I just got the book for Christmas and love it as do you all. I want to make tons but have many things going now so will probably have to make do a series of eye pillows for Valentine’s gifts. I will works towards it and get back to you when I have made some progress! Your quilt looks great, by the way — no one will notice the “mistakes.”

  3. First: I think your quilt looks great!!
    Second: I’m in the beginning stages of the Big Zig. This is only my second quilt ever, so I’m taking it super slow. But I’ve started sewing my triangles together and can already see that I’m set to cut off a LOT of my triangle tips. How can you avoid this? I just kind of eyeballed a 1/4″ seam line…would actually marking one help?

  4. Richard on January 25, 2006 at 2:22 pm said:

    I can perhaps help with the issues that folks have mentioned:
    When I have sewn triangles in rows like this, I like to mark the correct seam allowance on my machine with a small piece of masking tape. When I learned how to quilt, we used a piece of moleskin (from Dr. Scholl’s!) to ensure a 1/4″ seam allowance. I usually take a bigger seam allowance on these triangle projects to allow some skootch room in getting a big enough seam allowance to sew the strips together. I didn’t blunt the corners of the triangles before sewing. As far as the little triangles that result, or dog ears, I simply cut them all off with a ruler and rotary cutter after I’ve sewn and pressed all the rows. This gets them out of the way. I agree: dealing with the bias seams is kind of a pain, but I’m always so impressed with the end result!

  5. I’ve done a few of these projects, too! I like the quiltalong idea… Maybe we should revive it? On craftster? What’cha think?

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