The sewing thing has taken over my life lately. I found out about 2 weeks ago that I’m going to be doing a craft sale next weekend (I volunteered for this, it’s my own fault) and since then, I think I’ve been attached to Emma, my sewing machine, at the hip (yes, my sewing machine has a name–stop laughing). I’ve not really done anything but cut and sew since then. But the problem with this whole matter is that I know this craft sale is going to be a bust–the people I’m doing the show with have said they have years that they’ve sold nothing. So I’m not expecting to sell much, but I would like to have some feedback from the uncrafty population.

Inside The Orange Pouch

So over the past week or so, I’ve churned out almost 15 of my pouches, and couple of new bags. But since I’m really not feeling like this sale is going to be very productive, I’ve put all of them up for sale at my Etsy store. Also, I’ve decided, that since Hip To Piece Squares is turning 2 years old in a few weeks, I’d have a sale here in celebration. So, until April 10th, all purchases (you’ll need to leave a comment or e-mail me first to tell me what you’d like to buy so you don’t get charged regular price) are $2 off with free shipping (excluding my pillows, sorry!).
I’ve spent almost an hour without Emma now. I need to get back to her. She’s probably lonely.

2 Thoughts on “Poucherific

  1. I love the pouch in the photo! I am sure you will do well. if not at the show then in the shop. People love pouches! I haven’t thought to name my sewing machine…I will have to figure out what it is…I do talk to mine…

  2. I just love your little bags…how did you learn to put the lining in them? I made some from the Denyse Schmidt book but no lining.

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