Thanks to all of the good advice left in the comments from my last post, I’ve been able to get myself off to a decent start with crocheting.

Afghan's Start

So it turns out that crocheting is nothing like knitting! I had no idea about this. Despite this minor issue, I stuck with it this weekend (and with far less throwing of the yarn and hook as well as inappropriate words used for frustration then when I learned to knit, actually) and managed to do pretty well. The photo above is just about one day’s work on an afghan.

The Goods

Now, I do realize that everyone and their mother are making afghans these days, but I’m really smitten with all of them.

I’m going to try really hard to only use what yarn I’ve already got on hand for this project. Most of the yarn that I pulled out is wool–Cascade 220 and Lion Brand Wool, but I’ve also got to use up some of the cheaper (and not nearly as nice to crochet with) Lion Brand WoolEase. I wouldn’t normally mix the two kinds of yarn, but I really want this to be a project that I don’t have to buy anything new for. I figure, not only is it a good way for me to stash bust, but it’s also a good way to practice–crocheting and staying on task with a project.

One Thought on “Trying Out Crochet

  1. Funny – I love to crochet, can spool-knit beautifully, but have a *very* challeging time knitting. Good luck on your stash-clearing afghan!

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