bright squares quilt finished!

Time to check another quilt off the to-do list. Bright Squares is officially finished, and I’m pleased. I don’t even regret at all ripping out the machine quilting on this and re-quilting it by hand. It looks leaps and bounds better than it did before. By huge bounds.

bright squares quilt close up

I feel like it’s pretty lousy that it’s taken me over five years to finish such a very simple quilt. I think I’m redeeming myself though, that in the past few months, I haven’t started any new projects. I’m really committing myself to finishing the projects that I’ve loved…and then left…and love once again.


So, yay!! for finishing projects!

9 Thoughts on “all that seamripping was worth it

  1. Way to go! I too am finishing up umteen ufos.

  2. Allison on May 18, 2010 at 6:19 pm said:

    YAY! Looks great! Apparently, going through the washing machine didn’t produce any undue drama?

  3. Yay for finishing stuff! I need to try that.

  4. I really love this quilt! The colors are just amazing. Finishing old projects is a great feeling. But sometimes so is letting them go …..

  5. It looks great, and the quilting looks fabulous – post a closeup or two, pretty please? I think you should rename it “Leaps and Bounds!”

  6. Oh, it looks great. I think I have a couple of projects that need to go in reverse before they get finished. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I have been trying to finish things. I am not that great at not starting new. I am, however, making myself alternate. I must finish one older project and then when I start something new it must be a smallish project that I can continue through and finish. That way the UFO pile does not grow.

  7. I really do enjoy the colors of this quilt with the black binding which makes the choice fabrics stand out so brilliantly! The back is awesome! Who makes that design?

  8. Just found your blog from SMS’s link. I love squares too. You have posted some really beautiful pieces!

  9. It’s beautiful!!

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