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So, I just thought I’d mention that I updated my Etsy shop this week. I haven’t been making a while lot of new bags, but I did finally take photos of a few things that I made back over the winter. My favorites are probably the selvage edge pouches, but that’s just because I’ve been hoarding those edges for so long (and although it kinda made me cry to use them, I love the end result so much that it’s worth it).
So anyway, if you’re interested, I’d be delighted if you stopped by and took a look at what I have. Thank you!

2 Thoughts on “can i interest you in a pouch?

  1. Love the selvage edge bag.

  2. Line on May 21, 2010 at 2:51 am said:

    Your pouches are lovely! Expecially the patchwork & selvage ones. Go on making more of them!

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