I’m getting ready to go back to work again in a few weeks, and after spending a couple hours the other day going through all the projects that I had planned to finish this summer (haha) something in my brain kicked into gear and told me to get sewing.


I started cutting triangles for this project back at the beginning of my time off. Whenever I had fabric out for something else that I was working on, I’d just hack off a triangle and stash it in my pile. It had been sitting on my desk with all of the other things I was working on for the show, and at that point was itching to start something with it. I held off, and then forgot about it for a few weeks.

As with all projects that I seem to start though, I’ve got dilemmas. I do love how it looks so far, but I’m just not sure that I’m up to par with the sewing skill to pull this one off. I’m going to have to be so precise with piecing, and I’ve already noticed that it’s nearly impossible for me to make the edges line up completely. Where I could normally fudge it with squares, the edges of the triangles won’t be perfect points if I don’t line up my seams absolutely perfectly. Does that make sense?

Triangles in progress

I nearly threw in the towel after the first row. I seam ripped several pieces (several of those pieces were ripped more than once) and it still just didn’t line up like I wanted them to. My argument to myself to keep going is that I LOVE the colors. And if I can squeak this out, I think it will look amazing. I’m just not so sure it’s going to look amazing in the end. We’ll see.

5 Thoughts on “triangles in progress

  1. That is going to look amazing! I see what you mean – lining it up is likely going to be slow going but I agree – it’s going to be very cool. Please post your results and good luck.

  2. perfection is overrated. why stress over something you enjoy? you are FREE to be as persnickety as you choose, but i believe the end result will be delicious even if not perfect :-)

  3. Pins! Pins! You can fudge a lot though easing and pins are a remarkable tool. Not only that, “pins has saved many lives through not swallering ’em.” (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

  4. Points can be a pain, but this one will be really nice if you just take your time with it. And feel free to rip when needed, it will only make it better.

  5. It looks beautiful! I love the colors and the use of white. It is going to come together awesome. One word: PINS!!
    Look forward to seeing how it looks!

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