First off, let me just say thanks to those of you who haven’t abandoned my blog. I want so badly to be consistent and write all the time, but when months go by without doing anything really new, I just feel that no one really cares. I could blog about things like what I eat (I had cereal for dinner tonight), my dog (he’s snoring beside me on the couch) or my travels (I went to JoAnn’s for interfacing last weekend), but I’m not sure anyone really cares. We’ll just call it a creative block for now.

I am getting ready for some holiday craft shows in the next few weeks though, and it’s requiring that I actually finish some work. Most of what I’m working on is standard fare for my shows, but what is new are some patchwork quilted scarves.

quilted scarves

I’m using cotton batting and fleece, along with the cotton patchwork for the front, and after washing them, they’ve turned out so soft and squishy. They are every bit like a quilt, and I love the idea of having a mini quilt to wear out in public on cold days. We’ll see how they do at my upcoming shows, but I really, really love them. In fact, I’m a little worried they’ll be hard to sell–mainly because I’m unwilling to let them go. I can wear 5 or 6 of them at once, right?

17 Thoughts on “warm and snug

  1. yep you can wear 6 definitely!

  2. Oh!!! I LOVE those! If I came to your craft show I would totally buy some!

  3. I love these scarves! Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. They’re delightful! I’d wear at least 2 or 3 myself.

  5. They’re fantastic. It would be hard for me to let them go too.

  6. Hello, it’s so nice to hear from you again…time flies by so fast.
    Scarfs look so cute and I think I couldn’t give them away (like you don’t “really” want).
    …and, everything you tell us is intersting!!!!!!!
    Greetings Babs

  7. absolutely you can wear several at once – i love how they look all together on the fence. i quite like how quilt-like these are – i’ve seen patchwork scarves before but with all the stitching they look wonderfully squishy and soft.

  8. You came back! When I went trough my blog links just now I thought that maybe I should just start to jump yours but then I clicked anyway and here u are =)
    I must confess I was rather tired of the triangles in progress xD Plus, I like things other than crafts and wouldn’t mind at all hearing about your dog, for one, everybody loves dogs, and also your writing is as colorful as your new scarves, never boring =)

  9. So glad to see you (so to speak!) again! Hope the craft shows go great!!

  10. Fantastic idea. Love your blog…always interesting..don’t be hard on yourself…you get to blog when you do.

  11. Glad you are back! I check at least twice a week. We would NEVER abandon you. And…you can wear as many as you like! Great to see you again.

  12. found your blog from flickr. mad skills, i love your fabric choices and your quilts are so rad!

  13. Found you, found you!! Nice meeting you at the DUCF. Good luck with the rest of your shows. I’m sure you will kill it!!
    Tricia (Frizz of Frizzelstix)

  14. Those scarves are awesome! Good luck with the craft shows. And please write about the mundane stuff. We all have that in our lives and it’s something to blog about too.

  15. would never leave! Always glad to see what you are up to :)

  16. I love this quilt. I can’t quite see how you quilted it. Are those just lines? Because it looks so great. It makes me wonder why I am doing circles on my first quilt ever.

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