Organization, you are a cruel temptress.

it still looks messy to me

It still looks messy to me, but I think this is much better than where I was at this weekend. There’s still too much stuff stuck in one small room, but I have to admit, as much as I think I’d like a light, airy space, I love having everything at my fingertips, shouting colors and patterns at me while I work. It keeps me on my toes.

a little better

If you came over to visit, I wouldn’t open the closet for you. Just saying. But everything else isn’t too bad–the fabric is put away, notions are in their spots and the floor is even pretty clean. I was even able to keep my Nana’s rock table set up (and mostly clutter free) and I’m very happy about that.

Now…can I keep it this way for longer than a week?

6 Thoughts on “a little better

  1. Love all the colors pouring into that room—you are heading in the right direction!!

  2. looks fantastic. Good for you to follow thru. I went down last week to clean and ended up playing with fabric and making a new quilt top. Dang!

  3. If is very hard for me to manage a small, But Sometimes the disorder is a very good inspiration for the best seams, I always find your blog (your space) Among my favorites, I like your simple and the end of your work is perfect ! A greeting from this side of the world. Vero

  4. Always feels good for me to have the table cleared and things in their place. Your space looks great!

  5. What a lovely room to work in – it looks a haven of crafty delight and neat and tidy ready for a good bit of happy sewing!

  6. Melissa on January 31, 2011 at 12:38 am said:

    I LOVE this studio space. Everything is out in the open, colorful, ready to be played with. This is exactly the feeling of creative chaos that gets me inspired. VERY NICE!!

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