I’m trying to take a sewing break for the weekend so that I can get a few things accomplished in my sewing room. For the past few months I’ve been so busy working to get things ready for shows and Christmas that I’ve neglected keeping up my sewing room. It’s time now to get things back in order.


Oh my. I’m so frustrated with the set up in here right now. I moved my cutting table to where is presently is this fall so that I could open it up the full length, but I’ve never been happy with where I have it.

the east facing wall

Last year I inherited the small table in the bottom left of the above picture from my Nana. It’s made from a collection of pretty rocks and was made by another member of my dad’s family. It’s one of those things that I admired in my Nana’s house as a child, and was promised that I could have later on in life.

As much as I love having it, there’s just no place for it in my house. I felt I needed to put it out somewhere, but other than my sewing room, it just doesn’t fit. When I put it here in the room, I had to reorganize the way I had things set up, and I just haven’t been happy with it ever since.

the north facing wall

My goal for the rest of the weekend (and before I start on anything else, including binding the machine quilted quilt) is to finish and fix this mess of a problem. I love having a sewing room, but this isn’t helping me be creative at all. It’s just a headache.

3 Thoughts on “reworking the mess

  1. That’s exactly what I’ve been tackling all day! About 4 hours later, everything is back to normal and tons of stuff has been thrown away / put back where it actually belongs. Good luck!

  2. I totally know about the headache thing!! I just cleaned and reorganized my sewing room. (It must be going around.) It’s so hard to get anything done in a messy room. Mine is in a walk-through space so every time I send my kids up to their room with toys to put away, they dump them in my sewing room. It gets BAD. Like fire hazard bad.
    It’s clean right now and I don’t want to make anything because I don’t want it messed up. LOL!

  3. You inspired me Sarah! I cleaned up my sewing room today. Found all sorts of lovely fabrics and goodies I had forgotten about. Thanks a bunch.

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