It’s hard to find reliable help these days.

helper #1

It seems like everyone wants to walk all over you. And stand in the middle of where you’re trying to bind a quilt at.

helper #2

And if they’re not walking all over you, then they’re laying on your legs so that you can’t move. Then your feet fall asleep, and then it’s your legs and up to your rump, and then you’ve become so disabled that you can’t quilt anymore.

(That’s 120 pounds of brown dog right there.)

Binding on quilt #2 of 2011 is almost done. I hope to have finished pictures to post tomorrow!

8 Thoughts on “good help is so hard to find

  1. You’re never more popular than when you’re working on a quilt. I hope you can motivate your helpers to move off so you can finish!

  2. so cute!!!
    my dogs and my cat are doing exactly the same!
    maybe just they need a lovely quilt!

  3. They may not be very helpful, but they sure are cute!!! My dog’s name is Brown Dog, but she’s a lot less than 120 pounds! I cannot wait to see what they’re standing on, it looks amazing!

  4. Ahaha! That’s a lap dog if I ever saw one.

  5. Looks like 120 pounds of smiling dog.

  6. Precious furry friends!!!

  7. Your helpers are adorable. :) And I love the look of that quilt underneath!

  8. They’re just holding on to it so it won’t get away from you.

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