wonky blue and yellow square quilt

I’m not sure how I managed to do it, but I’ve somehow finished my second quilt in one week. I ended up having impeccable timing in putting both pieces into the state of finishing at the same time–I don’t expect for this to happen again anytime soon.

block detail

I know it seems like I polished this quilt off quickly, but it’s been in my progress pile for really, many years. I first started working on these blocks around 2005 after being (obviously) inspired by Denyse Schmidt for the first time. As blocks, they sat in a pile for a loooong time, until I finally pulled it out again last spring and completed the top. I don’t know why I seem to do this with projects, but its a case of distance making the heart growing fonder. I grow more in love with what I make when I put it away for a while.

back of quilt

So last April or May I started the hand quilting. And then, yet again, I stopped. The quilt sat patiently for me on the back of the couch for about 6 months–until after my holiday craft show blitz ended last month. Slowly, I picked it back up again during quiet evenings on the couch, and stitched the last of my squares at the beginning of the week.

many squares

I know that I can’t keep up the pace of finishing two quilts a week, but I’m invigorated by all of this productivity. It feels like a race where I’m only competing with myself and I don’t have to be skinny to win. I just have to have a speedy sewing machine and a lighting fast rotary cutter.

6 Thoughts on “blue wonky-ness love

  1. Superb job on the hand quilting. All those intricate stitches are amazing:)
    Do you have a different rotary cutter than me? lol

  2. Absolutely love it! The handquilting is a very nice accent.

  3. I’m jealous! But I guess I actually have to sew to get a finish.

  4. Another beautiful finish! I think some quilts do want to simmer for awhile to reach their full potential; this one came out perfect!

  5. Congrats on receiving Sally’s Award! Oh, I am in love with your quilts and blog: if it wasn’t past midnight in a flu-stricken day I would stay and go wild! :)
    Will be back soon, oh what inspiration… swooning…

  6. I love your quilt, come see mine, reminds me of something I found here at this time.

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