Hurray for a snow day!

2.2.11 Chocolate with sprinkles

We got a lot of snow and even more wind last night up through mid-day today. It’s hard to tell how much we really got since it blew around so much, but I think it’s a safe guess at around a foot. Not quite as much as the weather people were calling for, but it’s certainly more than we’ve had all winter.

up to my calves

As much as I had wanted to do today on my day off, I ended up doing a lot of snoozing and movie watching to try to knock out my cold instead. Hudson and I did make it out to play in the snow together this afternoon and I was glad for that. I’ll have another shot to make a day off worth it in the sewing room tomorrow–I’ve already received my phone call letting me know that school is called off for tomorrow too!

One Thought on “snow day, part 1

  1. We enjoyed our snow day too. Enjoy your second day! We only got one.

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